김밮 or gimbap or a type of sushi roll.

Another Korean recipe that we’ve been eating A TON of here in the chickpea household.

We enjoyed sushi as omnis (though I could never eat raw fish), and though there are vegan options for sushi at restaurants it’s expensive.

So we’ve been making it at home. Hubby has also made a sushi bowl type of meal when we’ve run out of nori sheets.

Again, let’s quit the chitchat and get to the recipe!

Like a lot of my recipes, this is customizable. This is just how WE make it with what is available to us. Feel free to try new things!

The two main things you’ll need for gimbap are:-Rice-Nori sheets

That’s all you NEED. I technically make it wrong, but it works for me. Normally you’d let the rice cool and also add rice vinegar.

1. I’m impatient and hungry. I don’t let the rice cool.

2. I hate the taste of anything vinegar, so I don’t add it. And no, I don’t notice a difference other than not having the vinegar taste.

You can use a bamboo mat to make your rolls and it’s more environmentally friendly to use one (we didn’t have one at the time), so we used plastic wrap (Hubby does it without anything. It still works, it’s just the final product is not as neat).

How to:

Place your nori sheet down, spread out the rice evenly, add your “stuffing” on top of the rice, roll.

Make sure you squeeze the roll tightly so everything stays together in a nice cylindrical shape.

So what do you use for the stuffing? Anything you want. Some things we’ve done are:

-Sriracha Mayo and mashed cannellini beans.





-pickled veggies like radish


It’s totally up to you!

(Disclaimer: obviously the mayo and sriracha mayo are vegan)

Add some sesame seeds or hemp seeds and your favourite dipping sauce and enjoy!

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