Birth & Postpartum Services

Breastfeeding Support

Initial Consultation for breastfeeding support is free. This is where I will gather all information necessary to make an assessment and provide you with a plan. This might include a home visit for further assessment and hands on help/support, or it could just be virtual support. It depends on the difficulties mama and baby are having.

Home visits- $55
Home visits are invaluable, this is the best way for me to help mamas
in a majority of situations. All home visits will come with our plan of
action, a copy of my contract and consent form, a folder or email of
handy pamphlets full of info precise to your journey/struggles and a
list of referrals you might need for any issues we’ve discussed in the
initial consultation. Any distance over 15 miles will have added travel

Virtual Support- $50
This includes phone calls, emails, text messages and video calls. This
is a great option for mamas who don’t live local, but still need
assistance or have a simple to fix problem which will be determined
by the initial consult. Virtual support should not and will not replace
home visits. I love helping mamas and will always offer virtual
support, however there may be some cases where I have to advise you
to meet with someone local to you if you’re not local to me.

Postpartum Doula-$500

A postpartum doula is just as important as a birth doula. I offer support in more than one way, whether that’s with emotions or education. I do prefer to be hired before baby comes as it is so important to plan for your postpartum period just as it is your birth I also like to meet up with my mamas a couple of times before birth just to connect. If you’re out of my immediate service area a small travel fee might be included. For families that need it, I do offer a sliding scale. Payment plans are accepted and offered, but need to be paid in full before birth. Below is a list of services you will get with this bundle as well as some optional add on’s.

-5 hours of care, no more than 2 hours at a time.

-Includes 1 additional hour specifically for breastfeeding. If you’re not breastfeeding this additional hour will be added onto your 5 hours of PP care to total 6 hours of PP care. (I’m a Certified Breastfeeding Educator/Lactation Consultant)

-At least 1 meal drop off, but can do more if requested, snacks as well (at an added cost). I’m certified in plant based nutrition, so all meals and snacks will be nutritious, healthy and delicious!

-Assimilate to bringing baby home.

-Includes a “Welcome Basket” which will include items from Oakborn & Co. Apothecary. It will include herbal and aroma goodies for mama. Mom can request more at a later date and will receive a discount on products for the first 6 months (I’m a Clinical Herbalist & Clinical Aromatherapist).

-Emotional Support and resources for mom and partner.

-Welcome folder filled with helpful information pamphlets and resources.

-Breastfeeding support included during all meetings as well as assistance with bottle feeding, whether formula or breast milk. Crash course intro on proper bottle feeding. This can also include chest feeding depending on your journey.

-Advice on baby sleep, routines and development. Including biologically normal infant sleep, and Wonder Weeks. I can also help you come up with a routine (not a schedule) that can best fit your family.

-Access via text or email for support or questions.

-Occasional errand running

– Encouragement and guidance on creating a Family Job Plan

-What to expect during the fourth trimester

-Optional Newborn photos (non professional)- additional $75

-Optional Breast milk Jewelry piece- additional $80

-Placenta encapsulation and keepsake services-$1000, this needs to be purchased before baby has arrived so that I can give you all of the necessary information on how the placenta MUST be handled and stored for safe encapsulation. (Im a CPES, certified placenta encapsulator specialist. As well as certified in food handling and safety and blood borne diseases).

-Visits should be used in the first 8 weeks

Virtual Postpartum Doula – $300

The virtual postpartum doula option includes everything the in person option does, I just won’t physically be there. You still have access to me before and after baby arrives. You will still get the welcome packet, it will just be delivered in a box versus by hand from me! You will still get your meal, it will just be delivered by your favourite local restaurant, or loaded onto a giftcard for you to use whenever you’d like! It includes it all, we will just be apart from each other!