Hello! I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my side of the internet!

Oakborn & Co. has changed so much since 2018 when it was founded! I’ve gone from being just an LC, to offering and supporting mamas and families in so many valuable and unique ways! I can truly say every single branch of Oakborn & Co. is a passion of mine! From birth work to the apothecary, to nutrition, to the academy, to Oakborn Design, as of the summer of ’23 a published author, and most recently (though it has been a practice of mine for decades), energy work.

I hope you find what you’re looking for in this big Oak tree of services!

Meet the owner!

Oakborn & Co. was founded in 2018 by Kaylan Cordell–a mama to two wildlings, wife to a Marine veteran, and avid hobby starter.

After a traumatic birth experience with my first and extreme difficulty breastfeeding and almost giving up, I made it my goal to becoming a lactation consultant to educate and help mamas with their breastfeeding journeys. I never wanted another mama to go through what I went through. That life changing experience opened so many doors for me to find what I was passionate about and turns out it’s quite a few things! That’s when Oakborn & Co. was created and it’s grown over the years into this beautiful business. With the birth and postpartum side of Oakborn I offer lactation services, childbirth education, postpartum doula, nutrition suggestions, placenta encapsulation/education, and breastmilk jewelry.

On the Apothecary branch, I’m a clinical aromatherapist and clinical herbalist. I adore making herbal and aroma blends that benefit our lives and keep us healthy and aligned. It’s my creative outlet and I genuinely love making everything myself for the apothecary. I offer consults for specific needs as well as a shop with ready made blends.

With Oakborn Academy, you’ll find homeschooling resources as well as education for adults whether its nutrition, herbal, health, birth, so many things! I’m a student at heart, but also a teacher at heart. I love teaching and sharing knowledge so the academy is where it’s at if you homeschool or if you yourself want to learn some things!

At Oakborn Designs you’ll find things like stickers, t shirts, jewelry, decals, as well as digital art work like portraits!

I’m also a published author and have an incredible book that I’m so insanely proud of called “Mama Musings,” as well as a birth/postpartum affirmations colouring book, and a Midwife in Training children’s journal!

Most recently I’ve added energy work to my services. I’ve been so passionate about energy work for decades that I finally decided to make the jump and offer it up to clients in need of some healing!

My goal is to keep all of my advice fact based. This means that I don’t partake it “old wives tales” or popular social media “advice” as many of these pieces of information are inaccurate and just down right unsafe.

With all of that said, I like to describe myself and practice as factual with a dash of spiritual hippie thrown in.

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