Tooth Fairy Negotiations

We’ve reached a milestone in our household and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

We have made contact with the Tooth Fairy for the first time!

The other night my oldest discovered her tooth felt weird and I just asked “well does it feel loose?” And she shrugged, so I wiggled it and sure enough it was wiggly!

She’s been waiting for a loose tooth ever since she read about Ms. Junie B Jones having a loose tooth and her experience with the tooth fairy!

Like I said in my Ostara/Spring post, I love a theme. I love making things special for the kids! Nothing was ever really special when I was a kid, so I guess this is also me healing my inner child.

Now, enter the Tooth Fairy! My husband and I were torn by the “popular tooth fairy culture” we see on social media. Getting $25 for a tooth (yes, I’ve seen parents give $25 for a dang ole tooth)?

This is where our “tell us you’re a homeschooler without telling us” comes in. We don’t believe in “getting things for free.” We feel that sets up kids/teens/adults for failure. And losing a tooth and getting money is just that: getting something for free.

How does homeschool play into that? We’ve told our oldest since she brought up the tooth fairy (thanks Junie B) that when she gets a loose tooth, she’s going to have to write a letter to the tooth fairy and negotiate a price for “the goods.” She has something the tooth fairy wants and needs, so let’s negotiate a price for that item.

We also told her that the tooth fairy can agree to her price and terms, but the tooth fairy might also disagree and refuse the terms and price.

She’s having to write an offer and then negotiate with the tooth fairy on that offer. That’s just what she did. She wrote a letter asking for six cents for her tooth and mailed it off to the tooth fairy, to which the Head of Tooth Negotiations responded thanking her for the offer, but couldn’t accept her terms because six cents was way too low for a tooth and especially a first tooth. They countered, offering her twenty five cents instead. When this letter came in the mail, my daughter booked it into the house excitedly yelling for me because she’d gotten a letter from the tooth fairy! Seeing the excitement on her face was the best!

My daughter happily accepted their counter offer and got another thank you letter in the mail from Ms. Lesdents Fey Head of Tooth Negotiations which also outlined what to do with the tooth when she loses it so their Tooth Collection Fairy could find it and exchange it for their agreed upon price.

If you’re like me and love making little things like this special, then you need to grab the free Tooth Fairy packet I made! Yes free! I tried to include every scenario, including the unfortunate circumstance where a negotiation couldn’t be made.

Send us good vibes that the “tooth removal process” goes well (aka it falling out on its own because I’m not about to pull it. The whole thing makes me cringe) and grab your own Tooth Fairy Packet!

Happy Brushing!


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