Below are sign up’s for all of Oakborn’s newsletters! These will be full of awesome and helpful info, just make sure you sign up for the right one!
The first is birth and postpartum the second is the apothecary!

Birth and Postpartum

This will include obviously childbirth and the postpartum period, but can also include info on pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning, preparing for pregnancy, protecting your fertility/fertility advice. As well as local meet up dates!


The apothecary newsletter will include all of the herbal and aromatherapy goodness! Including newsletter only perks like sales and giveaways, education on herbs and essential oils, and possibly recipes as well as info on local meet ups!


This newsletter won’t be as frequent as the other two, but will notify you of sales, giveaways, new content, homeschool ideas/suggestions, relevant blog posts, etc etc.