Prenatal Flow

Registration for February 8, 2024 at 1pm

Hello mama!
I’m so excited you’d like to participate in a prenatal flow!
What the heck is a prenatal flow?

I don’t want to call it yoga, because it is not yoga. Instead, it’s a practice of intentionally moving your body in a way that feels best to you, stretching those muscles that might need a little more movement from sleeping weird one night or just general discomfort from being pregnant. Some movements I incorporate will help babe get into an optimal position for birth and also for your comfort. Other movements will be to support our pelvic floor. I’ll also include some intentional breathing that can and will help with your pelvic floor, as well as labour.
You will be encouraged to only do things that are comfortable for YOUR body.
Each class will be around 30-45 minutes depending on how many people sign up and what our bodies feel like they need/ what our bodies can do.

As of now I have a limit of 5 people per class. Classes are held in my home office until I can find a more suitable/bigger location.

If spaces fill up you’re more than welcome to email me at to be placed in the next class or to be notified if there’s a cancellation for an upcoming class.

Fill out the form below and once I get it I’ll send you a payment request via paypal or venmo (please do ‘friends and family’ vs goods and services. I know that’s sus, but it’s the only way to keep from fees being charged and for me to keep it a flat $5.) If you’d prefer to pay via facebook pay please put that in the text area on the form.
Once payment is received I’ll send you a confirmation email and the address! Make sure to bring your mat and water! (Please no food as my kiddos have food allergies)

Thank you! I can’t wait to see you!
For reference, I am a birth worker, so a lot of what I’m going over in the flow class are things I’d do myself and/or suggest clients do.
Send any questions you might have to


This event is nonrefundable unless I cancel or you let me know ahead of time you can’t make it.
Because of limited space I can’t keep spaces and not have people show up when that space could have been filled by someone else.