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Dairy Free Options

Being an LC I often see mamas begging for dairy free recommendations because they or their pediatrician has diagnosed their baby with a dairy allergy. Let me start with, more often than not this is a misdiagnosis. Having a grumpy gassy baby does not equate dairy allergy. I also want to remind doctors get only… Read More Dairy Free Options


Vegan Ricotta Cheese

This is a stretch, mainly because I’ve never had omni ricotta cheese in my life! I recently made lasagna soup and it called for ricotta cheese. Growing up we weren’t that fancy and we just used cottage cheese when we made lasagna, so I never had it. Making this, I’m just going off of my… Read More Vegan Ricotta Cheese


Vegan Samgyeopsal

Or I guess in this case it might be called dubusal since it’s tofu. I’m sure there’s a real Korean name for this, but I’m unsure of what it’d be. If you’re Korean and have a suggestion let me know! Samgyeopsal was one of my all time favourite Korean dishes and I’ve been meaning to… Read More Vegan Samgyeopsal


Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is one of my fave soups ever! Probably top 5, but the typical Campbell’s tomato soup has wheat in it (weird right?) and my kiddo has food allergies! This recipe is super easy to make. I actually made this one last minute after I got home from work and you probably have everything… Read More Tomato Soup


Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant parm is one of those meals we do when we want something indulgent and delicious. It’s one of the more time intensive recipes but it’s delicious and well worth it!! We do take some short cuts to make this time intensive recipe a little easier. For one we make our eggplant in the air… Read More Eggplant Parmesan



Alfredo is one of those things I will always love and will always be searching for the best possible recipe. The best possible recipe is, for me, one that is easy, time efficient, healthy, and similar to omni alfredo in taste. This recipe is almost all of those things. So, I will make this version… Read More Alfredo


Taco Soup

Taco anything is always welcomed in this house! When I figured out how to make taco soup, it was the best day! So I want to share it with you if you enjoy taco everything like me. Again, as with all of my recipes, please taste your meal as you’re cooking it to determine if… Read More Taco Soup


Vegan Zuppa Toscana

One restaurant I miss is Olive Garden! I’m a carb lover, give me all of the carbs!Alfredo was my most favourite dish(with broccoli and chicken, mind you), and I’ll have to find a vegan recipe for some Alfredo! In the meantime, this post isn’t about Alfredo (unfortunately), it is about another seemingly popular dish: Zuppa… Read More Vegan Zuppa Toscana