Lasagna Soup

I saw something like this posted in a group I’m in and have been wanting to try it for weeks!

It’s pretty easy and you probably already have everything in your pantry.

I did this more whole food, but you can also do it with beyond or impossible meatless ground and it would still be delish!

Lasagna was always one of my fave omni foods and I have made it vegan before but it was A LOT of work that I’ve not been excited to do again so I’ve never made it since!

Soups are easy, they’re yummy and they’re one of those easy to freeze for later staples!

What You’ll Need:

-an onion

-a few cloves of garlic

-tomato sauce aka spaghetti sauce —make sure it’s vegan. A lot of sauces have milk or cheese in them which makes them not vegan of course.

-Whatever bean you like. I used kidney and navy.

-Seasonings like nooch, garlic powder, onion powder, salt if you need it (probably not because the tomatoe sauce will have salt), and of course turmeric.

-noodles of your choice. I’ve seen people use broken up lasagna noodles but that seems a bit much in my opinion so I just used these fun penne noodles. I don’t know why I love them so much! For Aurelia she choose Banza fusilli noodles.

-Chopped mushrooms would also be lovely but I didn’t have any.

How to Make it:

First start boiling your water for your noodles and of course add the noodles to the water whenever they’re ready to be added.

Easy easy. Sauté the onion until translucent in some water, or you can use a vegetable broth or miso paste. Add a few cloves of smashed and chopped garlic and sauté for a few more minutes. More or less depending on your taste preferences of course. If you’re using mushroom, add it now.

Next add your beans. If you chose to do a meatless ground you’ll add that now and cook until browned.
Dump in your tomato sauce of choice.

Next add in your seasonings of choice. I did about a 1/4 cup of nooch and maybe a sixth cup of onion powder and garlic powder each. See this is why I don’t like measuring things. The measurements get weird! I added about a tsp or more of turmeric also.

Also add in a few cups of water because right now it’s pretty thick, and we want soup!

I also made some “ricotta cheese” for a topping. Which is a stretch considering I’ve never had ricotta cheese in my life, but it was delicious!

Aurelias plate and my bowl. She likes things separate so I always try to separate things for her. She also prefers raw foods versus cooked and seasoned so it’s a struggle trying to get her to eat things like this.

lasagna soup, banza noodles, spinach, “ricotta cheese”

She ate everything except the onions and the “cheese.”

It was so delicious!! And the “ricotta cheese” gave it a yummy creaminess and an larger depth of flavour.

Let me know if you try this!

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