Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant parm is one of those meals we do when we want something indulgent and delicious. It’s one of the more time intensive recipes but it’s delicious and well worth it!!

We do take some short cuts to make this time intensive recipe a little easier. For one we make our eggplant in the air fryer because it’s quicker but you could very easily do it in the oven. We also use stuffing (yeah the stuff from thanksgiving) as our breading for the eggplant.
You can make your own tomato sauce, but store bought is fine too—that’s what we use. Just make sure to check labels because a lot of tomato sauce has milk in it. Gross and unnecessary I know, so make sure you’re checking labels!

What you’ll need:


-Stuffing (we use this one)

-Cheese (I use whatever I have in the fridge. Chao is good, Follow Your Heart provolone is bomb, they also have an incredible mozzarella)

-Your choice of noodle, extra health points if it’s not refined.


-plant milk

-Parmesan Cheese (for recipe go here. It’s cheaper to make your own. Don’t be fooled into buying vegan parm)

Optional tools:


-food processor (or blender might work too).

How to do it:

If you’ve ever made spaghetti before, you’re already half way there. I’m not going to tell you how to boil water and toss in some noodles, but I will say to skip adding oil to your water if that’s something you do. We don’t need it. Oil? Who is she? She doesn’t even go here.

Step 1: make spaghetti

For your eggplant you’re going to cut it into slices however suits your fancy. We also like to peel the eggplant just to make it a bit easier to cut when we’re eating. Eggplant skin is a bit tough. I’d say make your slices no more than about half a cm thick.

Dump your stuffing—uncooked obviously, into the food processor and grind it up to a fine powder. Dump it into a bowl.

Dip your eggplant into a bowl of plant milk Then into your crumb bowl. Coat both sides with crumbs. These crumbs are already seasoned too! After the eggplant is coated put it in your air fryer. We never change the temp on ours so it’s always at 390* and your eggplant will cook for 7-9 mins. Watch it though and you’re looking for a golden brown colour!

I like to add cheese to my eggplant, hubby doesn’t. So I’ll either put cheese on the eggplant and put it in the microwave or I’ll put it and the eggplant in the broiler for a minute or two just to get melty goodness.

Plate it up and top with my Parmesan recipe! And enjoy!

Pair it with some yummy greens like asparagus or broccoli, and a salad and you’re good to go!

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