Parmesan Cheese

Cheese is the number one thing people tell us they can’t leave behind when it comes to being vegan.

“I could never be vegan. I like cheese too much.”
“I’m vegan but still eat cheese.”
“Vegan cheese tastes awful.”

You know what’s actually gross?
Dairy. Do you know how many health harming things are in dairy?


-Pus for one
-Full fat dairy has shown to increase risk of death in women who have breast cancer
-Mammalian hormones (stop being scared of phytoestrogen. You should be scared of added mammalian estrogen to your diet)
-High milk intake was associated with higher mortality in women and men as well as a higher bone fracture rate.
-Increase risk of osteoporosis.
-Dairy has links to many different types of cancer
-For women who have had breast cancer, just one serving of whole dairy a day can increase the chance of dying from cancer by 49% and dying from any disease by 64%
-Beta Casomorphins
-Casomorphins play a roll in SIDS, Autism, diabetes, and more
-and tons more

Vegan cheese is one of those things that is totally a taste preference. Some might like x brand, others might like y. The main thing is to try different brands. Find what you like!


You can make your own. And there are plenty of ways to make your own cheese (like our cheese sauce recipe here). If you haven’t been able to tell, we hate cooking. Neither one of us enjoys cooking at all, not even the slightest bit. That’s why, a majority of the recipes on this blog are stupid easy. We made this blog, mainly for beginner vegans. When we became vegan, there wasn’t much readily available info or people would say (and I still get this from people), “Figure it out for yourself.” And the recipes out there were like “soak a lb of cashews for 8 days and 8 nights, hold a vigil for them and offer up your first born just to make cheese.”
For a new vegan, that’s a big no, and that’s intimidating as heck. No one is going to want to do that. Especially when they can just go to the store, grab a pack of dairy cheese and be done with it.

I was a cheese fiend before going vegan. Literally wanted cheese on cheese on cheese. It was literally the best food in the world to me. However, knowing the facts I can’t rightly eat cheese and feel good about myself. And cheese– one disgusting, extremely unhealthy, stolen cow boob juice mixed with murdered calf stomach bile shouldn’t stop you from becoming vegan. No matter what type of vegan you are (whether it’s health, animal rights, or environmental), there’s always a reason to cut cheese. Always.

Let’s get on with the recipe, because it’ll take you less time to make this Parmesan recipe than it took you to read the above. No joke.

As with every recipe I post, please change the amounts to fit your taste preferences, as you can see for something simple like this, I don’t use exact measurements.
And with every vegan recipe, please remember you are eating a vegan meal. You are not eating an omni meal. I think that’s the downfall for a lot of people who try a vegan meal. They expect it to taste exactly like the omni version, and it just won’t and there’s a very good reason for that.


-A handful of cashews (no need to soak, don’t worry), you can also use other nuts like walnuts or pecans. I’ve use all of these and they’re all great options.
-half a handful of hemp hearts
-2 or 3 cranks of salt from a grinder
-About a tablespoon of onion powder
-Same amount for garlic powder
-I add a dash of turmeric, because I can’t taste it and it’s so good for you

Add and grind it all up in a food processor and you’re done.

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