Alfredo is one of those things I will always love and will always be searching for the best possible recipe.

The best possible recipe is, for me, one that is easy, time efficient, healthy, and similar to omni alfredo in taste.

This recipe is almost all of those things. So, I will make this version until I find a better one!

This recipe is time efficient and easy. It’s delicious, but doesn’t yet have that signature omni Alfredo taste… Though I barely remember what that taste is. I have other ideas of what to add or do to make it even more yummy, but it takes away from the time efficient and easy parts.
I might need to compromise on some of my requirements.

I wouldn’t consider this recipe healthy as it doesn’t include oil. However, oil every once in a while I suppose is okay as long as the rest of your diet is healthy.

As always I’m going to give you a general outline of the ingredients versus exact measurements because I want you to tailor it to your tastes.

What You’ll Need:

(always try to use certified organic options when possible. Let’s try to save the planet whilst we make yummy food! No point in having yummy food if we don’t have a planet).

-Olive oil

-Garbanzo flour (you can use all purpose. We have food allergies in our home, so we can’t. And white flour isn’t the healthiest option either. Plus, garbanzo flour had the added benefit of a protein boost).

-nutritional yeast aka nooch

-seasonings like salt, pepper, garlic, onion, basil, oregano.

-Soy milk, or your choice of plant based milk

-noodles, of course.

How to do it:

It’s actually pretty simple! In a sauce pan you’re going to make a roux (roo). A what? Thickened fat basically. Pour in about a 3 tablespoons of oil (I didn’t measure so I’m guessing), enough to coat the bottom on the pan, bring the heat up on that. You don’t want it at “frying” temp, but it does need to be warmed. I had my oil on Med/High heat for maybe 1-2 mins before I added my garbanzo flour.

When your oil is heated slowly sprinkle in the flour. I cannot even guesstimate an amount. Here’s what to look for: you’re going to sprinkle in the flour and use a whisk to mix the flour and oil until they combine and become a thick… roux. If you notice that your flour is starting to clump up you need to add more oil. This picture below is what my roux looked like.

Next you’re going to add in your milk. Again I didn’t measure so I’m going to guess and tell you what to look for. I initially added maybe 3 cups. As I was cooking I noticed my roux was getting a little thick like gravy, you don’t want this. To fix this, add more milk.
mid you’ve added too much milk for your roux simply simmer for longer , or you can add in a sprinkle of flour to help thicken it.

After this, the hard part is over and you’re basically done. Now you just season to taste. Garlic, onion, basil, oregano, pepper, salt etc.
The nooch is what makes it alfredo. I probably added .5-1 cup of nooch. Again, do it to your taste. Start small and add to it.

A note about the milk you choose to use. If you’re using something like oat milk or a vanilla milk (I personally don’t recommend either for this), you’re going to have to add a lot more salt and seasoning to cover the sweet taste. We use Silk Unsweetened Soy milk, and to me it still has a sweet taste, so I adjust the seasonings for that. My personal favourite plant milk is Ripple. I think it has a very plain, non sweet taste. Similar to skim milk when I was an omni. Fun fact about me, I stopped drinking anything other than skim milk when I learned that there was pus in cow milk, and that was when I was a preteen— long before going vegan! There’s still pus in skim milk, but my brain linked the texture of fat to pus. I know I know, that’s not how it works but that’s what a neurodivergent brain does!

Add your sauce to some noodles, pair it with yummy broccoli sprinkle some hemp hearts on top (I mixed hemp into the sauce) and you’re done!

A dairy free, vegan, not super healthy, but healthier than omni Alfredo, Alfredo!


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