Panera Mediterranean Bowl Dupe

Panera doesn’t have many vegan options. Almost all of the things you can get have to be customized… Which is fine, but also can restaurants get with the program? If we’re removing items can it be cheaper please?

I got this Mediterranean bowl, customized to be vegan of course, and it’s delish! Also a bit expensive to be eating multiple times a week if you enjoy it like I did.

I also wanted more salad included. Panera give a few arugula leaves and that’s about it! Let’s get on with it!

It’s simple enough. The dressing is the hardest part.
Use your preferred method to make a mix of quinoa and brown rice.

In a bowl, add a bed of spring mix.

On top of that add your quinoa and rice mixture.

Next add your toppings. You can really add whatever you want, but the Panera one comes with tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, and hummus (I forgot the cucs so they’re in the last pic).

Finally, top with the dressing. It’s a lemon tahini dressing. If you’re like me and dislike tahini, don’t worry, mixed in it blends nicely with everything and you can’t taste that bitter sesame taste.
As always I don’t do measurements often, I just add until it tastes good. I think that’s how everyone should cook because taste preferences are so different.
For the dressing, add and mix together tahini, lemon juice, water (this makes it liquidy enough to become a dressing), nooch, garlic and onion powder. Pour the dressing on top and add your cucs if you forgot like I did!

This is a surprisingly filling meal full of protein and other essential nutrients! If you’re trying to do less fat, maybe skip the tahini dressing and opt for a vinegar based dressing, or even just lemon and similar seasonings!

Enjoy! Let me know if you try it!

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