Lots of misinfo surrounding pumping! Let’s go over some of it. For more info on breastfeeding grab my breastfeeding course in my shop! Pumping is a tough job and sometimes is made even harder by misunderstandings or misinformation surrounding pumping. I want every mom reading this to understand that pumping is hard. It’s harder than… Read More Pumping


Milk Stashes

Milk Stashes We’ve all seen those bf moms with freezers FULL of little bags of milk, for the “just in case” or “because my baby goes to daycare for 8 hours a day.” Hundreds if not thousands of oz of milk in tiny plastic bags in large extra freezers. Get ready for a truth pill.… Read More Milk Stashes

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Dairy Free Options

Being an LC I often see mamas begging for dairy free recommendations because they or their pediatrician has diagnosed their baby with a dairy allergy. Let me start with, more often than not this is a misdiagnosis. Having a grumpy gassy baby does not equate dairy allergy. I also want to remind doctors get only… Read More Dairy Free Options