I only recently discovered the incredible elote and if you haven’t had it.. You’re missing out!!

One of my favourite vegan food trucks had elote as a side dish and I just fell in love! Unfortunately that food truck has closed up shop and I’m without elote. Well, vegan elote that is.

I make this elote off the cob, which I guess doesn’t really make it “elote” anymore, technically.

With minimal ingredients and measurements I leave up to you this dish is savoury, creamy, and delish! Also perfect for vegan or dairy free families.

What you’ll need:

-canned corn x2 (listen I don’t have time to grill corn cobs and then slice it off the cob. You can always use corn cobs and make traditional elote).

-half of a red onion

-vegan mayo (I use hellmans)



-nooch (nutritional yeast)

That’s it!

Cook it Up:

I used a cast iron pan and this is kind of important if you’re following my recipe step by step.

We don’t cook with oil so I added about a half cup of water to the pan and added in my diced up red onion to simmer and get just a bit soft. Add more water as it cooks if you need.

Drain and add in both cans of corn and make a level even layer of corn. No need to remove the onion. I just left it on the bottom covered in corn.

Pop it in your broiler on whatever temp you’re comfortable with. You’ll want to “grill” the corn so that the top layer has a nice dark brown grilled look. This adds a nice flavour to it. You can also add liquid smoke if you’d like to have a smokey note. I didn’t but it’s definitely an option.

Once it’s done in the broiler you’re basically done. Add a drizzle of mayo for that aesthetic Instagram pic, sprinkle on smoked paprika and nooch, and finely chopped cilantro and you’re done.

I’m not giving measurement intentionally. Food should be seasoned to your palate, not mine. The mayo amount makes the dish creamy but isn’t overwhelmingly mayo tasting. The paprika adds a subtle hint of spice, the nooch gives it that savoury taste and the cilantro, when finely chopped, uplifts and almost cleanses the palate with ever bite.
If you have cilantro, don’t add it. Maybe add a drizzle of lime juice. Hate mayo? Maybe use a plain vegan yogurt. Not here for the paprika? Skip it.
Make it yours because either way, it’ll be delicious!

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