Where did the academy go?

Long time no see! 

Last year I was offering a lot of homeschool lesson plans. It’s something I loved doing and still love to do. I stopped doing this for a few reasons.  I initially began making the lesson plans because we had created a home-school Co-op here  in a mom group I was a part of and everyone in the co-op agreed to switch off every now and then and make lesson plans for the group to share and we were supposed to get together weekly and co-op together. None of this ever happened so I ended up feeling very taken advantage of and so that made me not want to do the lesson plans. On top of that I was pregnant and it was unsustainable for me to continue making the lesson plans regularly when I knew I would eventually have to take time off for baby. 

Basically a lot of personal reasons some I took more personally than others. 

Baby is here and we’re still doing a lot of homeschooling with the oldest. When I have time I’ve been making these simple little worksheets and packets to share with friends and anyone who finds my website. This way is much more enjoyable and meaningful for me. Who knows maybe one day I’ll go back to making full blown lesson plans for young kiddos 😉 

And a little sneak peek, I do have big big plans to add an exciting herbal course to the academy in the future!

I wanted to be totally transparent about why the academy was there and then seemingly disappeared without a trace! 

With all of that said, I have two packets you can enjoy for *free* right now on the website! 

And Earth day packet and a Hungry Caterpillar worksheet!

(Click the links to be directed to them!)

Thanks for reading, and happy learning!!


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