Mammograms–Breast Cancer Awareness

Women are told to get mammograms starting at age 40, sometimes sooner. Mammograms are generally the go to for screening for breast cancer and has been for years, so it must be good otherwise it would be obsolete. Right? Well if you learn anything from me it’s to never put all of your trust into allopathic medicine and “big pharma.”

Using mammography, women are being misdiagnosed and over diagnosed with breast cancer. The mammogram detects an abnormality, but can’t 100% say it’s breast cancer. It’s called a “pseudodisease.” Something that looks like cancer, but in reality would never have progressed to anything that would have done harm. Doctors go ahead and say, “you have breast cancer” and treat for cancer exposing women to potentially unnecessary treatment, radiation, surgery, and definite stress and anxiety. In fact, the chance that a woman would benefit from a mammogram is small, ten times smaller than the risk she faces of being over diagnosed with a “pseudodisease.”

A study shows that for every woman who is genuinely saved by early detection via mammogram, anywhere between 2 – 10 women are misdiagnosed and wrongfully treated for cancer (including radiation, mastectomies, chemotherapy etc). To rephrase that to something more home hitting in my opinion, 1 woman is saved and more than 1 woman is misdiagnosed. That’s not okay. Ten times the risk of being misdiagnosed, operated on, exposed to radiation and other harmful chemicals/pills. For what?

Most breast cancer organizations spew “screenings save lives,” but looking at the numbers, it doesn’t really. Mammograms have not been shown to actually save lives, especially with the number of misdiagnoses and unnecessary, potentially life ending treatments.

Radiation, for one, doesn’t just zoom in on a potentially cancerous tumour and only affect that tissue. You’re exposing your entire chest cavity to radiation. Every organ in your torso is being exposed to incredible levels of radiation. Radiation exposure, as we know, increases our risk of cancer. Imagine a women getting a mammogram, gets misdiagnosed with cancer (in reality she doesn’t have cancer), is exposed to radiation, develops actual lung cancer as a result of the unnecessary radiation. Statistically, breast cancer “survivors” have an 80% increased risk of dying from lung cancer. How enraging is that?

On top of that, breast cancer survivors have significantly impaired heart and lung function (because of radiation). Furthermore, radiation increases the risk for breast cancer survivors risk of dying via heart disease by 25%.

Women are literally risking their lives because the cancer organizations and the month of pink spout “screening saves lives, get your mammograms today!” In actuality, screening creates unnecessary patients, thus adding to the multi billion dollar industry that is mammography (and pharma).

So when looking at the numbers of breast cancer deaths, we’re not even separating deaths caused by misdagnosis. How many of these breast cancer deaths would have never happened? How many were pseudodiseases? How many women were actually healthy, but were subjected to life ending treatments? Some stunning estimates show, for every 10,000 women getting a mammogram over 10 years, only 3-4 breast cancer deaths would be avoided at the cost of 2-9 deaths from the unnecessary radiation treatment.

Should we boycott mammograms? Not necessarily, there are other options like thermography which is highly accurate, there’s also diet and lifestyle to consider which has been proven to be effective in preventing and “treating” cancers of all types, but mainly what you should take away from this is informed consent. You must be truly truly informed to make any decision about your health and seeing how many women are misdiagnosed and treated for something they never had to begin with… These women are not being informed.

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